Welcome to Say Cheeze! Portraits. We do school portraits different! Instead of the usual school picture where a photographer comes to the school, sits your child down on a stool or chair, and takes a picture in front of a backdrop. We do it a little different. We set up times to go to your child’s school and set up mini photography sessions with each kid. We take each child individually and take photographs inside AND outside of the school.

This is how it works. We set up a week for us to come to the school, we then give the school a “sign up sheet” what it will have a is a QR code for the parent to scan and set up a time for their child’s photo session. Once you sign up for a session, you will receive a invoice for a refundable deposit. On the day of your child’s shoot, we take 20-30 pictures of your child. Once we get all of them, we edit those pictures and send the school a list of QR codes with each child’s picture that we took at that school. All you have to do is find your QR code with your child on it, scan it, and see all the proofs of the pictures we took! Once you approve those, we send you another invoice to pay the remainder of the balance owed. Once paid, you will receive a email with a link to download your child’s pictures. After that you will receive a photo book with all of your child’s photos in them plus a thumb drive with all of your child’s photos on them as well. Once we deliver that thumb drive you will no longer be able to download them online. You can do what ever you want with those pictures. Print them, post them, send them to family and friends, the options are endless!

So as you see our take on school photos are a little different then the normal, we don’t want to compete with all of the school portrait companies out there because there are too many. We want to stand out from the crowd and show you the REAL smile of your child. So let your school know that you want to Say Cheeze!